America’s Escape Game Gainesville

When you think of Florida’s biggest cities, what comes to mind? Miami? Definitely. Orlando? Of course. Lest we forget Tampa is home to the Rays, and we must give credit to Jacksonville, one of the country’s biggest cities. We’ll even begrudgingly throw in Tallahassee. One Florida city that is often overlooked, however, (unless it’s the parodied subject of a Simpson’s episode) is Gainesville.

Gainesville is Florida’s hidden gem.

It’s home to the Florida Gators, the Bento Asian Kitchen and Sushi chain, the music scene that gave us Tom Petty and, of course, Social28. The one thing we Gainesvillians have been missing is the newest fad that has tested both the minds and friendships of people across America: the escape room. The escape room concept is simple: it is a physical adventure game that challenges its players with puzzles and riddles. The object of the game is to escape the room by using the provided clues and hints. It’s a seemingly simple task that has risked the ends of friendships and familial ties, but we like to think stronger relationships can be born out of challenging situations.

Luckily, just around the corner from our apartment complex, America’s Escape Game has opened.

They have three challenges: Crisis at 1600 tasks players with the onus of saving the White House from an attack, Asylum gives players a case to solve at an insane asylum and Pandemic needs players to “find a cure before the Red Death takes its toll.” The location is not only convenient, but it is also affordable and has options for groups both large and small. We’re excited that, with the escape room opening just blocks away, our residents have another fun activity to engage in while living at Social28. Click the here link to reserve your escape room today!

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