Choose Your Scene - Choose West Quad


The University of Illinois is home to 33,955 undergraduate students, with 7,624 registered students in one or more organizations. Your scene matters, and there are so many organizations to choose from when you attend U of I. There is no doubt you will find your crowd and your favorite hang-out spots here in Champaign. Students have the option to go Greek, join cultural, philanthropist, or even an academic organization! Whatever your scene may be, Champaign-Urbana is the place to be.

West Quad Apartments understands that your scene is a huge part of your identity at U of I, and offers the perfect living experience in the perfect location! West Quad is merely steps away from the variety of restaurants and hot-spots on Green Street, and blocks away from festivals, the Farmers’ Market, and downtown Champaign.

Beyond being in the prime location for all the night-life Champaign has to offer, West Quad also offers different living styles, ensuring your living experience is nothing short of perfect.

"Some of us want to live close enough to the party, but not necessarily be the party host… and some of us want to be the life of the party while still maintaining a 4.0 GPA." - Future West Quad Resident

West Quad offers the best of both worlds, and compliments just about anyone’s living style. Apartment living is great for residents who would rather have direct access to the indoor amenities (gym, yoga room, study room, sauna, and tanning), while overseeing the courtyard fun! Residents who choose to live in the apartments are still close enough to join the pool party, but far enough that it is not in their front yard.

Residents who choose the townhouses are in for a fun treat! While they still have access to the indoor amenities, they are living in the number one resort-style apartment in Champaign-Urbana. The townhouses offer more square footage, quick access to the grills, and are steps away from our study lounge.

Balance is key when you are finding your identity. At West Quad, you can work hard and play hard while finding yours.

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