Discover Your Identity

At Identity, we have the unique ability to communicate with our residents on the progress of their new home from the ground up. The Identity team stays in contact with the Development and Construction teams to understand weekly and monthly progress, this is all information that gets passed onto our future residents. As a property team, we get the chance to put on our hard hats and walk the building checking out not only the progress of your new home within your unit but the progress on all of Identity’s amazing amenity spaces. We know that many times people want to know if we will be ready on time & our hope is that our proactive communication with our future residents helps put everyone at ease and get just as excited for move in day as we are!

How can you stay up to date on all the building progress? We like to frequently post construction updates to our social media, it’s the easiest way to stay up to date on progress in real time! We post drone videos to all of our social media platforms monthly showing the rapid progress of our construction. It puts everyone’s minds at ease when they can visually see the progress that has been made on our building in relation to our move-in date.

Throughout our building tours we take a variety of photos and videos highlighting every floorplan to give our future residents a sneak peek into their new home. It gives a inside look at what floorplans are looking like as of today, provide much more detail our (amazing) renderings ever could. Looking to check out past tours of Identity? Head on over to our Instagram and check out the “highlights”. Who know we might even start giving our future residents the chance to check out their new home a little early and provide the most stylish of hard hat and safety gear.

The entire team at Identity is looking forward to opening our doors this August and can’t wait for everyone that has chosen to #LiveID! We are excited about all the construction progress that has been made to date and look forward to continued progress over the upcoming months. Follow us on social media to stay up to date with our progress: @identityboise.

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