Identity Moscow Reflects

As 2019 is coming to a close, it’s the perfect time to sit in retrospection and reflection about how far Identity Moscow has come as a property. The Moscow Community we have embraced in our new development and now operational stages are one strong in old traditions and stay comfortable in those ways. For a new, colorful and bold building to come to town, eyes were surely all on us.


There was a lot of pressure on Identity, and when we had late delivery, our reputation around Moscow and the University of Idaho suffered greatly. If there was someplace that we had weak spots, those things became our kryptonite and it felt like there was no hope to improve our reputation.


The first year in operation was incredibly difficult, but nevertheless did this stop a team that was dedicated to giving it our all. This years turn and move-in was one like none other. We were almost unrecognizable to the past and the property and team had improved together more than anyone could have ever dreamed.


We proved that our interests were dedicated to a property that had every obstacle placed before it and it still did not stop the forward movements. Slow or fast, our dedications shown bright to future residents who are incredibly eager and happy about their opportunity to live at such a wonderful, luxury property. With eager and interested residents, applicants and leads we dive into a new leasing season with a bounce in our step. We will be striving to spread our happiness and current resident enjoyment with those around us. It feels as though the foundation below our feet has solidified and there is no way to go but up from here!

On top of this, our property is as beautiful as ever. It is quite interesting to see the properties in our area and how they pale in comparison to Identity. Moscow is an old town, with weathered houses and aged apartment complexes. In those aged apartment complexes and homes, come old appliances and insane electric bills. We offer the most amazing deal in the Moscow area for such a modern, cost-effective and energy-efficient living option. Our residents feel the same way and so do our future residents.

To conclude, as this year closes, the team at Identity Moscow is so excited about what 2020 has in store. There is nowhere to go but up!

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