Lux Living At Its Finest

uncommon oxford, lux living, historic oxford square

There is undoubtedly something about hotels that make you feel like royalty.

From the moment you arrive, the pristine building greets you with its style and employees warmly welcome you with a smile. Hotels give the feel of luxury because the staff’s job is to cater to your needs; making you feel as comfortable as possible. If you’ve ever found yourself in a new city needing a recommendation on dinner, you know the hotel’s concierge will give you the best selection of local choice favorites. The only downside to your hotel stay is that it can be too short, but what if it did not have to be? Well, in Oxford, Mississippi, you can live the lux life without the lux price tag.

Introducing the new, high end, off campus, student living complex, located on prime real estate – the historic Oxford Square.

You can guarantee unparalleled living and unbeatable amenities. Uncommon Oxford opened its doors to 200 plus residents this past August, and it’s safe to say they exceeded expectations. The doorman you’ll find when you visit the property isn’t staged; his job everyday is to make you feel welcomed back in your new home. Having a friend in for the weekend and want to impress them? Just take a trip to the full time concierge and ask for recommendations or have him even make a reservation for you. The high-end additions go further than the front desk. Residents can schedule pick up for their laundry services or even call to have groceries delivered to their door.

Uncommon Oxford really lives up to its name; it simply goes beyond the norm and has more than your common apartment. Each unit comes move-in ready, fully furnished, includes a 50” TV, and a full kitchenware set. All located on the Square, Uncommon caters to its residents making them feel more than at home. Next time you find yourself in Oxford, take a few minutes to stop in Uncommon and get a feel for this new, all-inclusive style of living.

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