New School Year. New Goals. New Plans. New You.

As a new school year approaches, it’s good to create new goals for yourself. Maybe you didn’t do so hot last semester, use that as fuel to drive you into this school year. Those past mistakes don’t define you, in fact, that make you … well, you. Even if you are going into college for the first time, ask upperclassmen for tips, they have most likely been there and conquered situations that you soon may face.



Define your purpose, and create and environment around you, that allows you to achieve it. Plan out your goals, long-term and short-term and make those plans to achieve them this year. Want an internship? Apply yourself, revamp your resume and go out and sale yourself. Aiming for deans list? Find a quiet place to study, go to the library, or join study groups. Want to pick up a hobby? Choose something that will keep you relaxed and joyful.

Don’t try to overwork yourself or stretch yourself too thin. Plan it out instead. Keep a journal or planner always at your side. Know when it is time to pick up something new and know when it’s time to quit. Learn to always see things through and start what you finish. If something is hindering your growth, you need to let it go. If you find yourself needing a new challenge, pick something up. Just make sure to keep yourself at the center of things.

Redefine yourself. Feel comfortable with being you, avoid negative statements towards yourself. Fill your life and everything around you with positive affirmations. Break those bad habits and gain new habits that help you enhance your mindset. Throughout this semester, remind yourself that it is okay, not to be okay. It’s okay to not be comfortable with yourself currently, but it is all about what you do next.

Pursue a new passion. Meet new people. Make new friends. Only you can write this chapter of your book. Don’t allow the opinions of others and your self-doubt write this chapter for you. Take control of this new school year, don’t allow it to take control of you!

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