Small Square, Big Charm

There's something about the downtown of Oxford, Mississippi that somehow slows down time, just a little, allowing you to appreciate your afternoon sweet tea. Home to Ole Miss, Oxford is cultural mix of both rich history and the younger collegiate generation that can both collide on the Square. Built in 1872, and also located in the center of the historic Square, stands the bright white courthouse to which the rest of the shops encircle.

Take a stroll into the oldest shop, Neilson's Department Store, for a taste of the South's finest apparel, or overlook the Square and enjoy an award-winning dinner on City Grocery's balcony. There's plenty of door fronts that will allow you the luxury to splurge on a weekend shopping trip as well! Cicada, Hemline, and Hinton and Hinton are just a few of the unique boutiques that definitely carry the southern charm one is looking for. Those stores are not exclusively for women though - fine leather briefcases, cross-stitched belts, and engraved flasks are just a few items named to purchase for that special gentleman in your life.

A full day of shopping can lead to an empty stomach, but thankfully you'll be within a few steps to an unforgettable dinner. If southern home cooking is your thing, look no further than City Grocery's shrimp and grits! No meal is complete without a glass of wine or a premium cocktail found at The Wine Bar.

If you happen to fall in love with the sweet, simple, southern charm of the little town, you're in luck because we know just the place to call home.

Uncommon Oxford is luxe living right next to the Square so you never have to worry about parking again. With it's hotel like feel, and spacious units, you can comfortable sleep in peace knowing that you're just a short walk away from your new favorite spots to shop, eat, and experience the Oxford nightlife.

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