Summer in Southern Illinois

As summer classes start to approach and students gain more free time they turn to what the town of Carbondale has to offer. Luckily, summer in Carbondale has been heating up! Students and families can start their days off by exploring the hiking trails scattered around Southern Illinois. Giant City State Park is “the haven for nature lovers”. It is a popular destination in Southern Illinois and welcomes visitors to the park to enjoy several activities such as hiking, horseback riding, picnicking, and rock climbing. Some of the park's most popular hiking trails include Giant City Nature Trail, Red Cedar Trail, and Trillium Trail.

On your way back into town you can stop at the newest food truck “Up N Smoke” next to Dairy Queen. The Dairy Queen in Carbondale has been a staple for the Carbondale Strip for over half a century and is just blocks away from Evolve! The shop remains a walk-up stand with no seating aside from the sidewalk to maintain the original classic roots and appearance.

When the night starts to cool off you can head to town square and relax at the Sunset Concerts where local artists show off their various talents! The Sunset Concert locations vary between Shyrock Auditorium on campus and Turley Park. While the sun goes down the music will start, and everyone in attendance begins to grill and hang out every Thursday night.

Carbondale is an eventful place in the summertime!

With this just being a few of the local activities we find that many students stick around in the summer to enjoy a Southern Illinois summer.

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