Summer Internships

Summer is here and that means warm weather, exotic vacation and fun times with family and friends! Nevertheless, Summer also means something a little more serious for some people. Summer Internships. Internships can be stressful, but in reality, they should be a lot of fun! Whether you’re a freshman and trying to figure out what career path you want to take in the future or a junior and required to have one on your resume, an internship is the way to go.

Where should you start?

One direction would be to speak with your university career service office. Typically, university career offices will maintain a list of companies that will hire interns and the deadlines you need to know to apply. Another option would be checking out the Jobs Portal on LinkedIn. This option is very beneficial for any student to start networking and building professional relationships that could help grow their career in the future.

Use your Connections

A 2017 survey by LendEDU showed that 43% of the 1,497 college students polled got their Interview through a “family connection”. For Community Assistants that are already employed by CA Student Living, there is a Summer Internship program already in place with the Home Office in Chicago.

Now that you have your list of places you want to apply, it’s time to prepare your resume and practice your interview skills. Check with your University Career office and see if they offer workshops for building your resume and presenting yourself at an interview. There are also several websites you can google that will take you step by step through your resume. Always have someone check over it for you. Like previously stated, learn to use your connections. Have someone host a mock interview for you so you can get feedback on what needs work.

Good Luck on landing your dream job!


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