LMM The Link University City

The Link University City - Full Time

Philadelphia , Pennslylvania

Human Resources

  • Aid the Property Manager in the recruiting, interviewing, and hiring of all leasing professionals and agents
  • Create the schedule for all leasing agents
  • Approve all shift changes for leasing agents
  • Train and coach all leasing agents in accordance with the New Hire Checklist, Training Checklist, and Leasing Memo
  • Ensure all leasing personnel are compliant with Fair Housing Laws
  • Ensure all leasing agents are punctual to work, clocking in/out, and dressed appropriately
  • Ensure all leasing agents are working diligently while on the clock
  • Conduct counseling meetings with leasing agents to ensure professional behavior
  • Ensure all leasing professionals and agents take the online Fair Housing Course


  • Ensure that all lease files are accurate, complete, and organized
  • Ensure all executed lease files are entered into the leasing directory and Entrata before the end of each business day
  • Maintain the overall filing system for all current, future, and in-progress lease files including the physical files, Entrata, the Leasing Directory, and the Parking Directory
  • Perform annual file audit under the direction of the Property Manager 


  • Conduct tours, diligently pursue the close of each sale, perform follow-ups, and complete leasing paperwork with prospective residents
  • Stay abreast of your personal traffic binder according to the minimum follow up schedule
  • Train and supervise leasing agents to ensure that they are conducting tours, diligently pursuing the close of each sale, completing follow-ups, and executing the leasing paperwork thoroughly and correctly
  • Assist leasing agents with completing the sale if necessary
  • Monitor leasing agents’ personal traffic binders on a weekly basis to ensure the minimum follow up schedule is being completed and provide guidance on overcoming objections
  • Conduct weekly leasing meetings with an agenda pre-approved by the Property Manager
  • Prepare leasing agents each day for anticipated leasing activities including a daily to-do list for downtime
  • De-brief with leasing agents each day regarding traffic, prospect objections, and upcoming events
  • Systematically document revisions to leasing policies and update the Leasing Memo
  • Maintain daily leasing sheet with current events, promotions, internal competitions, leasing goals, and availability
  • Verify the tour route is walked daily and maintained in pristine condition
  • Design, decorate, and upkeep the show units
  • Ensure the sales floor is maintained in pristine conditions

Leasing Continued

  • Ensure the leasing team has the required sales and marketing materials to complete sales
  • Ensure the leasing office, lease documents, and marketing materials have the appropriate fair housing language and logos

Marketing and Public Relations

  • Plan and implement the annual renewal leasing campaign
  • Create the annual marketing plan and budget and present it to the Property and Project Managers for approval
  • Implement the annual marketing plan with assistance of the Property Manager, Assistant Manager, and leasing team
  • Continually evaluate the marketing plan and budget based on preleasing velocity and resident/staff feedback in order to make improvements to the plan and/or adjust for new opportunities or when tactics are not effective
  • Coordinate, staff, and attend all campus events that are related to on or off-campus housing
  • Cooperate with local businesses to keep a good image with the community
  • Seek information from residents, leasing agents, future residents, and prospects regarding the perceived image of the company and report to Property Manager
  • Provide ideas to Property Manager for advertising/marketing tactics throughout the year

Property and Maintenance

  • Set a high standard for cleanliness and organization in the buildings and grounds, and ensure staff members at all levels are following the same
  • Inform the Property Manager of any concerns related to the physical condition of the common areas, individual apartment units, or amenity areas
  • Conduct inspections of show units at least twice per week to ensure they are in pristine condition, and make sure any uncleanliness or disorder is quickly remedied

Resident Relations

  • Mediate all roommate conflicts
  • Provide recommendations to the Property Manager for modification to any area of operating program in order to improve the overall experience for residents and guests
  • Maintain a positive and professional relationship with every resident in order to spread positive word of mouth 


  • Assist in the turnover process by completing all tasks and responsibilities assigned by the Property Manager


  • Complete tasks as assigned by your supervisor
  • Notify Property Manager of any office supplies, lease forms, and/or marketing materials to be ordered
  • Ensure the office is opened and closed at the designated times. 

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