PM Latitude at Kent

Latitude at Kent - Full Time

Kent, Ohio

Human Resources

  • Recruit, select, train, motivate, coach, counsel, and discipline on-site personnel
  • Provide clear and detailed directives to all onsite personal personally or through subordinate employees
  • Hold all employees accountable for completing assignments timely and accurately
  • Counsel staff members when employment violation occurs. Sign off on all employee counseling notices
  • Conduct Annual Performance Reviews with all onsite personnel
  • Conduct on-going training (lease training, Fair Housing, resident issues, professional development, etc.)
  • Supervise the Facilities Manager, Assistant Manager, Leasing Manager and Community Assistants
  • Compile New Hire files with all necessary new hire paperwork completed
  • Ensure that all new employees receive the Campus Acquisitions Employee Handbook and sign all forms at the end of the handbook for HR files
  • Ensure all tax forms and other related payroll documents are completed and provided to the payroll processing company
  • Review and approve all payroll timesheets and submit to the Project Manager/VP
  • Maintain high employee morale at all times and lead by example
  • Review, edit, and provide final approval for the part time employee schedule

Accounting and Legal

  • Lead the formulation of the property operating budget
  • Ensure all expenses fall within budget and seek approval for expenses that exceed the budget
  • Ensure all employees are following the purchase order protocol
  • Provide budget variance explanations
  • Perform month-end close out procedures
  • Perform beginning of the month opening procedures
  • Responsible for maintaining required receipts and documentation related to the manager’s checking account
  • Ensure all accounting and reports are entirely accurate
  • Ensure all rent collection procedures are executed correctly. Create an annual accounting calendar to set deadlines for AR/AP tasks each month and ensure the Assistant Manager is meeting the deadlines as outlined in the calendar. Meet with the Assistant Manager regarding delinquency at least once a week
  • Responsible for filing (3,5,10) day notices and evictions as necessary
  • Responsible for maintaining a list of edits to the lease contracts for the following pre-leasing year
  • Provide a weekly occupancy report including tenants on notice for non-payment of rent, evictions, skips, and pending evictions for behavioral lease violations
  • Process all invoices in AMSI in accordance with budgeted GL codes
  • Submit new vendor W-9 forms to corporate, if vendor requires one
  • Research Tax ID numbers for end of year 1099 form mailing 


  • Create and implement the annual renewal and marketing campaigns in accordance with the marketing budget
  • Oversee all leasing practices and ensure leasing staff at all levels are fully trained in accordance with New Hire Checklist, Training Checklist, Leasing Memo, Sales Handbook, and Fair Housing
  • Customize the leasing directory as necessary and review weekly for accuracy
  • Approve any lease exceptions
  • Recommend approval for any prospects who fail the criminal or credit checks based on error or additional information
  • Assist leasing personnel with completing the sale, if necessary
  • Conduct bi-weekly inspections of the model units
  • Ensure daily, weekly, and monthly leasing reporting is provided to the Regional Manager accurately and on time
  • Ensure all changes in leasing policies are documented in the leasing memo
  • Create and implement a process for lease files to ensure they are completed thoroughly and accurately within 7 days of the lease execution

Marketing and Public Relations

  • Oversee the planning and implementation of the annual renewal leasing campaign
  • Maintain current knowledge of market trends and industry conditions for the area and nationally
  • Verify Market Survey results and submit to Project Manager bi-weekly
  • Respond to weekly Market Survey requests from numerous competitors to maintain consistency throughout the area
  • Acquire university student enrollment Data List for distribution of advertisements
  • Conduct periodic editing and revisions of marketing materials
  • Order forms and marketing materials as needed
  • Keep knowledge on upcoming University events and plans functions accordingly
  • Create and implement detailed marketing plan and document with the Marketing Calendar
  • Coordinate and organize all large scale resident functions
  • Maintain favorable image and relationship with area residence halls, the University, and apartment communities, neighbors, and city personnel

Property and Maintenance

  • Create, modify, and implement security protocol as necessary
  • Review daily security/incident logs and assigns camera viewing to provide video footage as necessary
  • Ensure the community is maintained in pristine conditions at all times
  • Issue notices to tenants for lease violations and or fines
  • Analyze onsite issues and the changing needs of the property and provides suggestions for modified protocol to Project Manager
  • Walk property for any damages or necessary maintenance weekly, and ensure the maintenance and leasing staff is walking the property daily
  • Meet with vendors to receive bids for turn over maintenance
  • Provide feedback and suggestions for capital improvement and renovation decisions
  • Maintain all vendor insurance information in Insurance Log and Insurance Binder
  • Assist maintenance supervisor with all maintenance issues as needed (including contractor and vendor phone calls and follow-up)
  • Ensure Winter Break, Spring Break, and Summer unit pre-inspections are complete, accurate, documented, and billed
  • Ensure accurate and detailed notes in taking and completing of service requests by all personnel 

Resident Relations

  • Maintain positive customer service outlook
  • Manage all resident complaints. Take into consideration resident suggestions for improvement to property and ideas for resident functions
  • Resolve roommate issues and conflicts
  • Promote harmonious relations among residents, staff, campus personnel and surrounding community
  • Ensure all resident complaints are handled appropriately and completely
  • Handle all eviction issues
  • Assist in the formulation of the move-in and move-out plan and carry out the plan thoroughly
  • Plan and follows through with all resident consolidations
  • Assist in the collection of rent from delinquent residents by assisting the Assistant Manager as needed
  • Ensure that all residents are notified of resident functions, building issues, key university happenings, and other urgent and important issues in a timely manner
  • Conduct resident surveys each semester and provide summary of feedback to the Regional Vice President 


  • Meet with vendors three months prior to turn to negotiate bids and sign contracts
  • Complete Turn Spreadsheet with all scheduled work on property during turn
  • Coordinate turn procedures with Maintenance staff to complete the turn-over process in a timely manner after move-out
  • Physically walk all units upon move-out to assess damages
  • Create employee work schedule to cover all necessary turn procedures
  • Oversee move-in day process
  • Process all move-out charges with the Assistant Manager


  • Report all liability and property incidents to Project Manager immediately following an incident.
  • Ensure all Workers' Compensation claims are reported and proper paperwork is completed.
  • Understand and carry out all company standards, policies and procedures in dealing with owners, clients, residents, employees and contractors
  • Complete tasks as assigned by your supervisor

Risk Management

  • Identify and correct potential liability issues with both the physical facility and residents
  • Minimize risk exposure and losses
  • Ensure all vendors have the required insurance coverage and certificate before work is performed onsite
  • Have all service contracts reviewed and executed by corporate legal department
  • Ensure all staff members proactively communicate and document safety issues that arise throughout the community

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